I don’t like the word ‘Agitate’.

‘Agitate’ is a commonly used word in Copywriting. 

A copywriter is supposed to agitate the pain of the reader so that the reader is hooked on to the message and may consider buying the product. 

Personally, this word makes me uncomfortable.

Why would you intentionally want to agitate someone’s pain?

Why would you want to make them feel even more miserable?

And so, I have re-framed that word for myself. 

Instead of ‘Agitate’, I like to go with ‘Empathize’. 

Through, our writing, we can attempt to empathize with the reader. We can make him feel ‘heard’ and ‘understood’. We can write in a way, that the reader starts nodding his head up and down. 

Finally… someone understands how he actually feels.

Empathy > Agitation.