Build your 1000 true fans

In a world where everyone is seeking attention, can you prioritize connection?

Are you a Generous Creator who likes to focus on the small?

Generous, because the rules of Marketing have changed. Creators that lead with value and empathy, are able to build trust with a small tribe of people.

Creator, because you love making things. You want to use your expertise to change the life of a select few.

Small, because you understand that your work is not for everyone. It’s impossible to please the masses, and so you intentionally choose to serve the smallest viable audience.

A Creator can be a Marketer, a Yoga teacher, a painter, or even a Data scientist – Anyone who has the skills (or wants to develop the skills) and build a business around that.

Broadly, there are broadly 2 ways of being a Creator.

One is to obsessively focus on the mass market, aggressively build ‘funnels’, interrupt people through paid ads, and focus on Conversion Rate Optimization.

If you are interested in playing this game, I am not the right person for you.

“Don’t make average stuff for average people.” – Seth Godin.

The other way is the way to be a Creator who leads with generosity, provides value to the audience, builds trust in the process…even before money exchanges hands.

These Generous Creators attain financial freedom by focussing on the small.

These creators don’t treat their audience as just ‘numbers’. Terms like ‘funnels’ make them cringe. The true value of their business is defined by the relationships that they have with their audience.

Unlike big corporates who treat their customers as just commodities, these Creators are keen on building a deep relationship with these 1000 true fans.

So the next obvious question would be – How can you build deep, authentic relationships with your audience?

How can you build enough trust, so that they pay attention to you and eventually buy from you?

Let’s find it out together.

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