Got a story that could be better, tighter, or crisper?

Join my Story Review Workshop, a 60-minute session in which I’ll give you feedback on your story. Together, we’ll add drama, tension, concreteness, and simplicity. The result? A story that resonates deeply with your audience.

Every workshop has two hot seats, which means that two individuals get their stories reviewed. Together, we all learn in the process.

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About me:

If you are getting to know me for the first time – I help professionals build their personal brand through authentic storytelling.

Interesting fact number 1:

I used to run a writing community. We gathered together, learned about writing and published a ton of content.

Interesting fact number 2:

I have worked with Founders like Ankur Warikoo, Amit Mishra, Vaibhav Sisinty, Christian Harboe and Mitul Bid.

Interesting fact number 3:

I have a newsletter that explores the art and science of storytelling that you can implement in your personal branding initiatives. Here’s the link to that.

I am all out of interesting facts. Register for the Story Review Workshop. I will see you on the inside. 🙂