Convert your insightful ideas into impactful LinkedIn posts, resonate with your ideal audience, and build an impactful personal brand.

You have amazing ideas to share. Why don’t they make it to LinkedIn?

As a founder/CEO, you have considered building a personal brand on LinkedIn, a platform where your ideal audience is present. But you simply don’t have the time. There is always a fire burning that needs your attention. You have tried working with other agencies, but they don’t seem to capture your voice, your goals, or your unique point of view. The internal Marketing team is too busy with their goals to look into Founder Marketing.

As a result, your amazing ideas remain stuck in your head and never see the light of day. These powerful ideas have the potential to build meaningful relationships with your audience. Every day that you don’t share these ideas is a missed opportunity.


Introducing: Ghostwriting service for your personal LinkedIn brand

I can take all this workload off your plate, and all I’d need is just one hour of your time per week. During this hour, I will interview you on various topics, and from these recorded conversations, I will craft beautiful LinkedIn posts. I will manage your entire LinkedIn presence, including your profile, foundation, and content.

But why should you work with me?

Your ideas need to reach the right people. A teenager in Canada listening to Justin Bieber might like your post, but she is not your target audience. You might get her like, but it doesn’t lead to any impact. On the contrary, if your content gets fewer likes but reaches the right people, it has more impact.

I optimize for depth. The content I publish hits a nerve with your ideal audience and creates conversations that eventually lead to fruitful relationships.

Ultimately, for a high-ticket B-to-B business, we need fewer relationships that are deep rather than many relationships that are shallow.

Here are a few examples of such conversations


  1. This is a Sales Qualified Lead that was generated for a Saas Founder. 

  1. This is another example of an inquiry for a potential partnership with my client’s organization

3. Another Sales qualified lead that was inbound

How it works?

Phase 1: Foundational Phase (One-time) – 2 Weeks

This is the foundational phase. In the first phase, I will work with you to figure out your unique point of view (POV) for your personal brand. This unique POV ensures you don’t produce commodity content that gets lost in the noise. With your unique POV, you are able to stand out by creating content that is unique to you and bound together by a common thread.

Profile Optimization

Another key part of this phase is profile optimization. We ensure that your profile, which serves as a landing page, essentially captures your story. Everything from the cover image to your headline and ‘About Us’ section is set up to reflect your brand accurately.

Phase 2: Content Creation and Strategy (Recurring)

After the foundational phase, we start creating content for your LinkedIn personal brand. Here’s how this works:

  1. Bi-Weekly Interviews: I conduct an interview every two weeks, during which I ask questions about a pre-decided topic. The topics are chosen collaboratively.
  2. Recording: I record the interview and find good, valuable ideas that have the potential to resonate with your audience.
  3. Content Creation: Once the ideas are agreed upon, I write the content and send it for your approval.
  4. Publishing: The posts are then published on your LinkedIn profile (either by me or by you).
  5. Monthly Review and Analytics: Every month, I review what has worked and what didn’t. We analyze the performance of the posts using LinkedIn analytics and other tools. These insights are then applied to refine and improve our content strategy.
  6. The Relationships Package (Optional): If you choose the social media package, I also connect with your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) contacts, interact with them through DMs, comment on their posts, and respond to comments on your profile.
  7. Ultimate Personal Brand Management Package (Optional): If you choose the ultimate personal brand management package, I act as the Content Strategist and Head of your personal brand to execute a 360-degree strategy. This includes working with a podcast agency to set up your podcast, strategizing the outreach strategy to connect with potential guests, promoting the podcast, repurposing content from the podcast, and much more. This package requires agency intervention, and the agency costs will be separate.


Here are some kind words by clients I have helped in the past – 

  1. Ankur Warikoo is an entrepreneur and probably the biggest Creator in India in the space of Business and Entrepreneurship.

  1.   Mitul Bid has done some remarkable things at Coditas and I had the pleasure of working with him. 

3.Scandinavian Biolabs is a Danish company. Working with Christian was quite an experience.

But what if it doesn’t work for me?

If you are not satisfied within the first two weeks, your money will be refunded, and no questions will be asked! 


Will you be able to maintain my voice?

At the start of the project, we have an onboarding process designed to capture your unique voice. I ask targeted questions and review your past communications to understand your tone and style. In the initial iterations, your feedback helps refine this understanding. Through this collaborative process, I ensure the content consistently reflects your authentic voice.


Will I go viral on LinkedIn?

Absolutely not. 

If you are looking to go viral and build a ton of followers, this is not for you. This service helps you connect and build genuine relationships with your ideal audience. Virality may just be a by-product.


Get in touch

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Let’s bring your ideas to life and resonate with the audience that matters most.