For the new reader, here is just a 2 line summary of what I am trying to do –

I have taken on an impossible project. I want to build a subscriber list of 100 people and have an email open rate of more than 90%.

The landing page is ready at this link – (

These are the results that I have got so far –

The struggle with Traffic

As you must have observed, I have built a Multi-page pre-sell site. In other words, there is no single page with opt-in form. Instead, there are multiple pages and the opt-in form is on the last page.

I have struggled to get subscribers.

But that is not the root of the problem. 

The real problem is that I have struggled to get this in front of the right people.

These are the traffic strategies that I have used so far – 

  1. Linkedin posts
  2. Quora and Reddit ( I have done limited work here) 
  3. Posting in a few groups.
  4. Approached a couple of guest blog opportunities.

As you can see, these activities are really scattered. I haven’t gone too deep into any of these tactics.

Also, while I was doing all of this, I realized that I was being a shady marketer. I was subtly promoting my lead magnet on all these channels. The smaller pieces of content that I have been creating, are pointing out to only one lead magnet. 

I realized that instead of providing value to the users, my focus has been purely on promoting this lead magnet… by hook or by crook.

Slowly my Marketing has moved from being ‘valuable’ to ‘being spammy’.

Okay, so how do I get out of this?

I want to create different lead magnets/content pieces and different angles to my story.

I want to create content that supports each other.

Rather than putting out one content piece… I want to put out, multiple pieces of content, that start helping each other. I want to build an eco-system of content that supports one another.

As Ryan Holiday says, “The best way to sell your first book is to write a second book.”

What more can I create? I do not know yet. Let’s see…

The point though is this – Do not depend on a single piece of content. You need quantity to evaluate what is working.

Intro music credits: Dan O songs.