Hi, have you met Pranav?

Yes, that’s me in the photo. The same guy who pretends to look somewhere else when being clicked, so as to make it look like a ‘candid picha’.

With high hopes, I started my journey of becoming an Engineer in 2006. I barely managed to get through. There is an interesting story about that here.

A fun fact about me – I send an email every day.

I am a Marketer who is also a writer and a Podcaster. But above everything else, I am a Teacher.

I am on a journey to become a Creator (some people tell me I already am one, but imposter syndrome, you see) and I want to share this journey with you.

My mission is simple – Helping Creators share their expertise with the world and make a living without having to be a sleazy sales-person. My job is to help you build deep, meaningful relationships with your audience so that you can build a business and make a difference.

About Pranav Kale

Pranav doesn’t like robots.

At his core, Pranav is a Teacher who wants to humanize everything.

Currently, he is doing it by

  • Helping brands build meaningful Marketing strategies
  • Teaching Marketing students how to indulge in Marketing that they are proud of
  • Writing stuff which helps professionals produce work that matters

Pranav also speaks at events, indulges in a free short call for consulting and plays board games.

You can write to him at pranav@pranavkale.com

You can also enjoy his writing by visiting the blog section.

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