I have undertaken a new project. I am calling it Email storytelling.
The idea is simple-

I am executing a project, which is intended to help Online Course Creators with Marketing. Through this project, anyone who is creating an Online course would be able to Market their course in a Strategical way, and thus leading to better results.

The project will be executed through Email Marketing… and more importantly, storytelling will be a key element in the whole process.

I plan to document the whole journey and share with everyone my success and my failure.
This podcast episode is all about that.

Intro music credits: Dan O songs.

The purpose of the boat is to reach the shore. The boat is not the end destination. The boat is simply a means to an end. We can’t afford to get too attached to the boat.

Apparently, Digital Marketers are mistaking the boat for a shore. And they need to wake up.

In this episode, I talk about what lies at the heart of Marketing. And Marketers need to step away from “Digital” and move towards the heart…

Intro music credits: Dan O songs.