Are you a mad scientist?



Imagine you are a scientist who is working on a medicine that aims at curing a deadly disease.

One fine day, you come up with a prototype medicine which you think might do the job and actually cure the disease.

You get excited…

As a test, you administer that drug to 10 people who are suffering from that disease.

And then you wait.

Only to find out that the medicine doesn’t work.

How would a sensible scientist react to this failure?

A sensible scientist would put his head down and re-work on the medicine.

Now imagine that you, the mad scientist, says – “Yes, the medicine didn’t work for 10 people. But that’s okay. Let us administer this drug to 10000 people and then let’s see if it works on them”

Pretty silly, right?

Why is this silly?

Well, because if the drug has not worked on 10 people, what makes the scientist think that the drug will work on 10000 people?

We might look at this example and judge the scientist. But trust me, we are no different.

 If we have not proved that our online course works for a smaller group of people … how do we expect to scale it?




We have not even won over 10 people… and we are hoping that the Instagram stories would help?

Insane, right?

The problem is that we love numbers.

We love quantity.

We are trying to reach everyone. 

Hoping that someone would love our course…

This, right here, is the shift that we need to make while selling Digital Products.

“Infinity is a place to hide” – Seth Godin.

We need a better strategy.

What we need is a better foundation.

I have launched multiple Online Courses such as Value-Based Pricing, Client Work Essentials, Supercharge Your Writing and so on. The reason that these courses have worked is that I started small. I started with the problem. I validated my online course idea.

Overwhelmed much?

Light bulb moment?

Let’s go deeper.

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