Kill the overwhelm of launching and marketing your online course

Online courses are amazing.

I mean, who would have thought that just a keyboard, a camera, and the internet, would give us the power to share our knowledge with the people we care about, add value to their life… and also make money in the process!

Whatte opportunity!

What an incredible world it would be if we use this opportunity, be generous, and share our knowledge with the world!

Personally, I have always believed in the philosophy of “Teach everything you know”.

This is me, teaching at the Craft and Commerce in 2017.

I have personally experienced the high of launching an online course.

In 2015, I launched my very first online course. I called that baby “Learn Lettering”.

It made me a 6 figure revenue in 26 hours.

I realized that I loved helping people. The fulfillment was immense. And since then, I have launched multiple online courses.

Of course, there are a few people who are grabbing this opportunity selfishly. They are looking to make a quick buck. But I am not interested in talking to those people.

I am, however, very much interested in talking to you.

I am talking to someone who genuinely believes that he has a message to share with the world, someone who sincerely wants to add value to others through an online course and then makes money as a by-product.

There is a slight complication though.

I have observed a rather unpleasant pattern.

It seems that in many instances, the Online Course Creator puts in the hard work… the blood, the sweat, the tears… he invests time and money to create his first-ever online course… and then finally… finally, it is launched!


The Course Creator soaks in the glory of that moment… the hard work has finally delivered some fruition. 

He feels elated.

I have made it.

And then…


I have been told that the sound of crickets is one of the scariest sounds in the world.

In the pit of his stomach, he experiences hollowness.

He launched the online course, yes… but unfortunately, there was no one to receive it.

The effort is wasted. 


The hard work is all gone.

Amidst the grief, the Course Creator tries to figure out what went wrong…

Now, I have observed that after this failure, the Online Course Creators realize that they have been missing a critical element. 

Audience building.

“I am an idiot! I didn’t build an audience for my course!”

He then decides to put all his efforts into building an audience for his course.


The thrill of creating an Instagram account

The thought of building an audience is quite exciting.

The Online Course Creators I know start noting down as many tactics as they can, and then they jump into execution.

Instagram… Facebook… Linkedin… Tik Tok… YouTube…

Ah, the excitement.

Image credits: B Rosen

The whole process is quite exhilarating.

At least, at the start.

He feels alive again. 

The content that he has been posting on social media seems to be getting some traction.

But then again, reality arrives.

This time it comes slowly… but gives him the same pain.

It seems that even though the Online Course Creators has been posting on Instagram for quite some time, and getting a few lines on the posts… there is something missing,

Just a little something.

No one is buying.


After all this, it’s not uncommon for an Online Course Creator, to feel stressed out.

This is one of the screenshots I found in one of the groups –


The failure always happens at the end

The worst part is the fact that failure occurs after the whole process.

Life would have been simpler if he got the signals early on. If he would have known that people wouldn’t buy our course… he would have changed a few things.

But, in this case, he doesn’t even get a chance.

It breaks my heart to see Creators feeling lost in this mess.

Can we change this? 

Can we be assured that the online course that we launch will most definitely make money?

Are there best practices to validate your online course?

Can there be a way by which we don’t waste a huge amount of time and money?

I believe that there is.

I am on a mission to help people sell their Online Course Creators, even before they make it.


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