I have realized that in most cases, you should charge money for your ‘How-to’ advice.

Not because you are greedy but because people ignore free ‘How-to’ advice. When it’s free, there is no skin in the game, and when there is no skin in the game, the advice is not taken seriously.

But once they pay money for it, they take it seriously.

The best free content is where you share your ideas and invite the audience into your world. This content gives them insights helps them think differently, but never gives tactics or ‘how-to-advice;

To summarise:

  1. Grab their attention with ideas
  2. Build trust
  3. Sell products/services with clear ‘How-to-instructions’

Which kinda makes me think – Am I giving ‘How to’ Advice in this post?

Nope. This is ‘How-To-Think’ advice.