As Creators, we obsess about establishing credibility.

We feel the need to prove to our prospects that we are experts, we know our craft, and we will get them the results they need.


What if that is NOT the reason that the prospect isn’t buying?

What if they already know that we can get them the results?

What if they believe that we are experts?

Here’s what I am getting at – The prospects don’t believe in themselves.

They have tried multiple solutions, and yet nothing has worked. When they look at your solution, their internal narrative is – “Am I capable? Will I be able to pull it off?”

They may not say these words, but this is what they think.

How do you address this? We could say any of this –

  • The system is easy to use
  • We will keep you accountable through weekly calls
  • You will have a dedicated Account manager
  • Proof of other people who have succeeded, etc.

And so on.

Don’t over-emphasize your credibility while forgetting to address the self-doubts of the prospect.