5 ways to lose weight. 6 ways to dance like a monkey. 7 ways to look like a doughnut.

Please stop.

Content like this is so generic that it gets lost in the crowd. It doesn’t get noticed; when it does, it fails to resonate with the audience.

Look at the brands that you love. The ones that produce content that inspires you… educates you and transforms you.

They have these things sorted out –

1. Strong positioning –
These brands are clear about their Ideal Customer Profile, demographics, and psychographics. With such a deep understanding of the audience, they can create content that reaches the audience’s heart.

2. An enemy –
These brands see a better world. They are fighting an enemy.

Most businesses are afraid of taking a polarizing stance. When you do not have a point of view, you can only create bland, uninspiring, and boring content.

3. Compelling stories –
Instead of taking the audience through a journey, most businesses focus on bombarding the audience with information. But giving more information does not equate to earning more trust. It’s the opposite.

So I beg you – Don’t tell me about the 7 ways to look like a doughnut. Instead, tell me one story that I will never forget.