If there is one problem that has made my writing journey miserable (apart from the malfunctioning ’S’ key on my keyboard), it is the problem of ‘Positioning.’

  • Who do I serve? What is my niche?
  • What value do I bring to them?
  • How am I different?

Positioning seems like a big, formidable decision. Make one wrong move, and I will be crushed.

The fear of positioning affects my work. I procrastinate.

‘Let me figure out my positioning first. After that, I will start creating content.’

If only I could magically land on the perfect positioning, and then everything in life would get sorted…

Positioning is an evolving process. You try a few things. You look at data. A few things stick, but most don’t. Based on that, you make subtle changes. It’s an answer you find after doing the work, not before that.