“No, I don’t have cash,” my cousin told the beggar.

The beggar smiled. But beneath the smile, there was persistence.

“No problem,” said the beggar. “Here’s the scanner. You can Gpay me”.

There was a brief pause.

“My phone is out of battery,” said my cousin.

Brilliant. It was as if all the cells in my cousin’s brain had waited for this perfect moment to show their genius. The day was saved.

Or so she thought.

“No problem”, said the beggar.

“Let’s use your debit card,” he said, pulling out a card-swiping machine.

My cousin had no option but to pull a 10 Rupee note from her purse and give it to the beggar.

I would never advocate for an aggressive sales strategy like this one. We don’t need to force our prospects into giving us money.

And yet, this experience was a masterclass in ‘Objection Handling’.

Our prospects will always have objections. We need to handle them proactively.