It was a Sunday when it hit me.

I was planning my week using an Excel sheet. I like planning because it gives me complete control over my life. With an Excel sheet in place, life will unfold as per my will. And yet, I couldn’t ignore the second thoughts that I was having about my blog.

My plan for blogging was simple – “I will keep writing a blog, gradually build an audience, and then be unstoppable.”

But considering that I have been writing for a while and still haven’t reached the fame status of Tim Urban or James Clear, I felt a sense of dread.

Is anyone even reading the blog? Is it worth putting in the hours to write?

And with this gloom came a thought that promised some respite. Some hope. A ray of sunshine.

  • I should try Instagram! That would solve all my problems.
  • Or maybe paid ads. So many businesses use them.
  • Or pay attention to my SEO? Yes, I could learn that.

And while these solutions seemed tempting, the wiser Pranav knew it was a trap that must be avoided at all costs. The lust for a new platform can derail our strategy, push us back a few months, and dent our confidence.