Have you ever been on Tinder? (Come on, don’t be shy).

When on Tinder, we are desperate for a ‘right swipe’. And for that, we would go to any extreme. Wear nice T-shirts and fancy cars that are borrowed. Write a bio makes us look good. Anything for the right swipe. The rest of the things can be managed later.

But what happens after we get the right swipe? For how long will we pretend to be that guy or girl?

Eventually, the mask wears off and the facade drops. The other person can clearly see that you are not the person that you promised you would be.

The exact same thing happens when we make false promises in your ads or our blog titles. If the only goal is to get a click, then yes it works for a bit.

But with false promises, those clicks don’t become customers. And even when they do, they are not happy customers.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to make genuine promises from the start, instead of making false promises just so that the clicks go up?