When it comes to Creators and Coaches – I see two types of brands.

The first one is the overly confident type. Aggressive. Usually, these guys are hiding their insecurity and over-compensate in the process. The problem is that as the market becomes saturated and matured, the audience can smell the BS.

They usually use aggressive, sleazy Direct Response Copy in their writing.

The other type of brand is the timid one. They are scared of voicing their opinions – they would rather fit in than stand out. Their content and copy is as vanilla as it gets.

But then there is a 3rd type of brand.

Opinionated but kind. Confident, but also humble. They have a point of view and use stories to build trust.

Jay AcunzoLouis Grenier 🤘Katelyn BourgoinErica SchneiderAnkur WarikooBrian Clark, and Shawn Twing – are a few people who fit into this category.