All of us have an interesting story. All of us do!

Of course, it’s not just people, brands have stories too!

I was talking a musician today. Great dude! He is extremely passionate about music. He publishes one track every week.

I asked him about his motivation behind the music that he creates. His answer was, “I want to take people on a journey with my music. I want them to feel what I feel when I create this music. I want people to listen to my music and forget about their worries and anxiety for a minute!”

Later, he told me that he wasn’t getting a lot of traction though. I checked his website and realized that while the website was primarily focusing on his music, it wasn’t talking about his story at all!

He has a beautiful story, why won’t he talk about it?

There is no denying that story-telling is becoming such an important part of Marketing. In fact, if you remove the story-telling aspect, I am not sure what Marketing consists of?

People are interested in music, yes… but maybe there are a few sets of people who are invested in your journey.. in your story. The internet is a great platform for an artist to bring out his vulnerability, his inner-being in the world along with his art!

Who would you connect with? An artist who puts out music or an artist who puts out music along with his story and mission and his intent of changing the world? There is no right answer here; some of us would just want to listen to the music. But I am very sure that some of us would want to know the story.

Why is telling your story difficult?

Telling my story is difficult because now my status is in danger. What if people boo my story? What if they laugh? When you put out a story, you are making yourself vulnerable… you are literally setting yourself up for failure.

Our job as Marketers and creators is to work with this fear and tell our story to the world.