Our previous garbage collector is pretty awesome. Let’s call him Rob.

Rob loves his job.

His primary duty was to collect the garbage cans from every household and put the trash into the big trash container that he dragged around.

But he didn’t restrict himself to that.

When Rob saw something on the floor he picked it up.

Even though technically it wasn’t his job.

The current garbage guy does not do any of this. Let’s call him Frank.

Frank collects the garbage, yes.

But when the society members ask him to do anything which is beyond his job description, he complains.

What is the difference here?

It is the story that they are telling themselves.

Frank is saying to himself, “My job is to collect garbage.”

Rob is saying to himself, “My job is to keep this society clean.”

There is a difference. A subtle one.

I have worked with colleagues and bosses who fall in both categories.

Being Rob is much more fun, generous and fulfilling than being Frank.