All of us are on this scary journey called ‘Life’.

All of us are trying to make sense of what is happening. We are trying to understand different aspects like – Health, Profession, Happiness, etc.

During this scary journey, all of us explore, and come up with new findings. Someone writes a blog, someone starts a new diet. Someone buys a new car, while someone starts a new business.

When we take these actions, we need a listening ear. We crave to have someone with whom we can share the details of this scary journey.

The true purpose of life might just be to become someone who listens and understands and acknowledges the journey of everyone. During the act of listening, a true connection is formed.

“Show me the blog you wrote”, will always be more selfless than “Hey, I want to tell you about what happened yesterday.”

It will help us make new connections.

The scary part is giving rather than taking.