If SEO is the only thing that is driving people to buy from you, it is pretty clear that the purchase is need-based. The brand is not telling a story, creating fans and doing something for the long-run.

And that is okay.

When I search for “How to apply for a credit card?”, I don’t want a story. I simply want the information, which will help me in applying for a credit card. It does not matter who gives me this information. I simply don’t care. This is a pure transaction.

But when I am looking to become a better Marketer, the source matters a lot to me. If this information is coming from the brands or people that I care about, I am very open to that information. This is the power of the story.

Let us establish that only SEO won’t build a cult brand. It will not allow the brand to lead a tribe. It will merely enable a transaction. 

The brands which are changing the world, don’t merely depend on SEO. SEO can be a good starting point. But it certainly can’t be the only thing that they do.