It is really difficult to get into the national football team as there are only 11 slots to fill.

Hence for a footballer who wants to go there… the whole process is extremely competitive.

He has to compete and get better than most of the other players because that’s the only way he will be selected in a team.


But most of us don’t want to get into the national football team.

And so we don’t need to adopt this ‘scarcity game’.

Instead, we can adopt an abundance game.

What is the abundance game all about?

In an abundance game, organizations and individuals choose to solve new problems. There is no question of competition then.

Now if you get an opportunity or a client (or a job offer) that is not in line with the problem you want to solve, what do you do?

You actually refer your ‘competitor’. You pass on the lead to someone who is solving that problem.

There are so many problems in the world that we can solve. Why compete for one problem?

If someone is solving a problem… good! He is making the world better. You go and solve another problem.

The ‘abundance mindset’ is the new thing.