Most of us don’t like people who only brag all the time. We think that they are self-centered and narcissists.
But, in a certain scenario, it is good to talk about your gifts!

It is good to discuss the things that you are good at!

Our strengths, our virtues are our best friends. They help us do better work.

Why would we not want to discuss our good qualities?

So please, talk about your gifts with your friends. You don’t have to be public with them. But you could always discuss it with people whom you trust, and people who would help you grow.

Your friends won’t judge you if you say, “Hey, I think I am good at this.”

In fact, they will help you become better at them.

In this case, talking about your own gifts is not arrogant.

In fact, you are opening up a discussion, which will help you get better!

So please, talk about your gifts. Don’t get awkward discussing them.