I agree with you Pranav, but my client doesn’t allow me 🙁

When I talk about doing Marketing which is more human, generous and long-term, the most common push-back that I get is – My client wont allow me.

Lets explore 2 ways of handing this –

  1. Have you really tried enough?

Before you make this statement, can you show me a list of 25 ideas that you had presented to the client, which the client rejected?

Chances are, that you are listening to your fear and hiding by putting the blame on the client. Honestly ask yourself the question, have you tried enough?


  1. Start small –

Understand that if you propose a big change to the existing Marketing strategy, the client is going to feel very scared to agree with you. Instead, propose a small change, make it work and then do it again. Over time, trust will be built, which will enable you to do bigger things.


  1. Find better clients –

If you have tried your best and you still feel that you and the client are not alignment, if you feel that they just don’t see what you are trying to show, then maybe it’s time to move on.