Did you know….

Our ancestors had to fit in. They couldn’t afford to stand out or be different. It was just too risky.  Because if they didn’t fit in, we would be kicked out of the tribe. And if they were kicked out, they would most likely die… because of the harsh living conditions. THEY JUST HAD TO FIT IN. This obviously is based on fear.

But now things have changed just a little…

The living conditions aren’t as harsh as they were. In fact, they are much safer. However, the nature of our brains hasn’t changed. And hence, we still try to fit in.

It’s a good practice to be aware and look at the things that we do to fit in vs. the things that are true to us. It’s an ongoing process obviously.

One can also make a list of the activities and habits, and divide them into 2 categories –

Things I do to fit in

Things I do which genuinely give me happiness.

You might be surprised by the list.

For example, one might realise that buying an expensive car or an expensive watch is something that she is doing just to fit in. This is fear-driven.

One might also realise that taking 4 trips a year might cost her a lot, but that is what brings her true happiness.

Now, the same principles are true in Marketing. How many times have you heard a client say-

“I want to have 100000 likes on my Facebook page because my competitor has those many likes.”

“We need to execute a contest, so many brands do it.”

“We need to be on Snapchat, because that’s the new thing!”

Actually what they are saying is “We need to fit in.”

Now, this need to fit in wouldn’t have been a problem… but “fitting in” is boring. If you try to fit in (person or a brand), you do not make the impact that you seek to make. Did Steve Jobs try to fit in? Does Zuckerberg try to fit in? Does Dalai Lama try to fit in?

Let’s orient our Marketing in the direction of our ‘Why’ or our ‘mission’. Let’s not try to fit in. Because, in reality we don’t want to.