I am tired. I am in pain. I am worried, and I am also angry.

I am tired of Marketers who are scammers and spammers. I am tired of Marketers who trick people. I am tired of Marketing which is not done with integrity. I am tired of brands making money by selling shortcuts to people.

I am tired of promises like –

  • “Make 1 million in just 30 days through affiliate marketing”
  • “Increase your traffic by 300% in 10 days.”
  • “Take this course and make a passive income as you relax on a beach in Hawaii.”

And so on…

At first, I tried ignoring it. I said to myself, “Let them do their job, and I will do mine.”

But it is becoming too hard to ignore them. I realised that I was hiding. I was hiding because I was afraid of facing criticism. Well, maybe it’s time to change that a little.

Someone needs to take a stand. It’s time to change this culture.

What is it about that these scammers that people find attractive? Why do they succeed? Why do we succumb to their gimmicks?

  • We succumb because we are afraid.
  • We succumb because we do not think rationally.
  • We succumb because we are so burdened with the problem, that we look path… any way (ethical or not), which will help us lift this burden.

But it isn’t even about ethics or morals. It isn’t even about being a good person.

I wouldn’t have had any problems with short-cuts if they worked. But the problem is that they don’t. They might give you quick instant results. They might release some dopamine. But in the long run, they never make an impact.

Which are the brands and people that changed the world? Take any example – Apple, Google, Martin Luther King, Seth Godin… none of them did it by playing a short-term game. None of them scammed people or spammed people.

I beg you… I beg you to not let Marketing trick you.

Be wise.

Question critically.

Short-cuts dont work.

The moment anyone promises a crazy ROI return, alarms should start ringing in your head.

The moment anyone says that they will change your life in 10 days, alarms should start ringing in your head.

Is it too much to expect? Is it too much to expect for the culture to change? Will it be impossible to create a world where Marketing is done ethically? Is it impossible to create a world where a Marketer feels good about his Marketing?

I am not sure. Let’s find out.