Finding a mission bigger than yourself.

I heard about this line in a podcast by James Altucher with Tony Robbins as the guest and I have lately been thinking about this a lot.

There could be n number of things that one can be good at. But if one can connect one or more of those things with a mission which is bigger than oneself, then there is a lot of purpose behind our work.

Simon Sinek calls it a golden circle – The What, The How and The Why.

As a Marketer, it’s much more fulfilling when we choose to align ourselves with our ‘Why’ or our ‘Mission’, rather than just focussing on what your passion is.

Example –

Statement 1 – ”Painting” is my passion.

Statement 2 – “I paint because I want my art to be a source of inspiration for people going through a depression.”

When Statement 1 slowly turns into Statement 2, life becomes much more fulfilling.