Simon Sinek, in his brilliant Ted Talk, talks about the ‘Why’. In the talk he says that it is necessary to build your business, or your projects around your ‘Why’. The ‘Why’ here is your mission, your purpose… it is the change that you want to make in this world.

While all of this makes sense, the struggle for people who are just starting out is – “I don’t know my ‘Why’.”

I have spoken to entrepreneurs, and employees, Marketers and freelancers… and most of them seem to have trouble with figuring out your ‘Why’.

What I suggest is this –

Forgot about ‘finding’ your ‘Why’. 

Focus on building it.

Understand that it’s a process. Understand that it is not a moment of epiphany. You wouldn’t be stuck by a lightning bolt. No angel would come down and give you the answer.

The answer is not to be found. The answer is to be built.