Just read somewhere that ‘Discipline’ gives rise to higher ‘Self-esteem’.

Apt, isn’t it?

Completing the task can be difficult at times. Especially when the going gets tough. It’s so easy to move away from the task and watch a YouTube video.. Or do something easier. Same applies to other activities like going to the gym or meditating. There is a nervous anxiety… a voice which wants us to give up. Steve Pressfield calls it ‘Resistance’.

Anyway, beyond the resistance lies happiness. When that difficult task is completed, happiness is unavoidable.

This happiness makes us feel good about ourselves. The self-esteem is lifted and we love ourselves just a little more.

The converse is also true. When we succumb to that voice, we experience a temporary relief, but feel bad at the end of the day. We judge ourselves and we find it difficult to forgive ourselves.

The key here is not listening to that voice and doing the work anyway.

Discipline can give rise to higher Self-Esteem.