The society that we live in cherishes success and condemns failure. We congratulate Virat Kohli when he scores a century, and not when he goes out on a duck. We congratulate the kids when they get a job, but not when they put in their blood, sweat, and tears in preparing for the interview. As a society, we never really motivate the right type of failure.

Results are not really in our control, right? Work ethic is.

So imagine this with me – How will the world be if we celebrated failures? Suppose your friend, who is an entrepreneur, launches a new product, with an intention of changing the world and the product fails…. There can be multiple ways of reacting to the situation –

  • You ridicule the friend
  • You bitch about the friend
  • You are indifferent to her failure

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrr you could say

  • “Hey, I am proud of you for trying.”

What does this do your friend? You are now encouraging her to keep doing the good work. This compliment might just be the inspiration that your friend needs.

As a society, if we change the way we look at failures, imagine the kind of things that we could accomplish. It’s our responsibility to change this…