It’s hard to find a brand that uses a killer copy to communicate.

It’s hard to find a brand that has a kickass positioning, a powerful mission, and a polarizing point of view. Most of the brands do not have opinions. They want to play it safe.

It’s also hard to find an e-commerce brand that believes in building a community and leading a tribe.

Today’s story is about a brand from India that sells protein bars… and well, they seem to be doing a lot of things right.

There is a lot to learn from this brand. It teaches us about having a point of view, being a Marketer who is a human, and not a robot, and also communicating effectively.

P.S. – For the first time, I did this tear-down video with a fellow Marketer, named Dileep. He reached out to me, as he really liked the idea of getting deeper into a brand’s marketing strategy, and uncovering all the moving parts. So for the first time, instead of just me ranting, you will see a collaborative tear-down. Pretty cool, no?