3 simple changes to transform your Email Marketing

Image credits: Sebastien Wiertz

I had an opinion about the Mindfulness training industry.

The opinion was not positive.

As a conscious Marketer and a former Mindfulness teacher, I had somehow assumed that the Marketing in the Mindfulness industry would be shady and sleazy.

One fine day, I decided to see if there is any truth to this hypothesis.

I subscribed to the email list of the top 30 organizations that teach Mindfulness. The idea was to truly understand how their Email campaigns actually look like.

And then it happened…

I was blown away.

Not only was I wrong… but I was wrong by a huge margin.

The emails were not salesy. In fact, they were generous, written with grace, and sent with a lot of care.

As I got further in this rabbit hole, I realized that despite the generous emails, the email marketing of these Mindfulness Training organizations is not getting the success that it deserves. 

And hence, this document was born.

This PDF has been made with the intention of helping Mindfulness Training Organizations transform their Email Marketing, build authentic relationships with their audience, and eventually sell more courses.

So here we go.

Download the pdf from here –