Talking to 10 people however, is just the beginning.

That gives us clarity about the problem.

In Simon Sinek’s words, we now know the “Why”.

Congratulations, we have now avoided a mistake that most of the other brands make – Starting with the ‘What’.

But that is just the start.

Now the real work begins. The work of building a rock-solid foundation for our Marketing. 

This Marketing foundation establishes your purpose. It helps you when you are lost. It gives a purpose to your business. It is a set of guidelines for your marketing. And when the guidelines are strong, they ensure that we don’t get lost. 

More importantly, it fights the Mara. It doesn’t allow you to get distracted. And helps you focus on meaningful Marketing strategies that give you results.

Creating this foundation could be the single best decision that you could take for your business. Just to cut the noise. And focus on doing deep meaningful work.

And so here I am, offering this free course to you, which would help you build a foundation, win the trust of your tribe and help them become the best version of themselves.

Ready to take the leap?

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