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Let’s Humanize

Marketing and Life

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Who is Pranav?

Pranav is a Marketing Consultant and a Teacher. Through his work, Pranav aims at creating a world where Marketing is more human and generous.

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Pranav writes about Humanized Marketing and engaging in work that matters.

Some people say that his articles are too spiritual. Others say that Pranav’s writing changed their life.

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Free resources and tools

Pranav has put together a few resources, which might just help you become humanized Marketers… and in fact become a more humanized human. 😉

Read it. But most importantly, use it.


What is Humanized Marketing?

Humanized Marketing is not for brands and individuals who wish to adopt a scarcity mindset. It is for the brave ones who want to embrace the abundance mindset.

Traditionally, we have always engaged in Marketing which is selfish, short-term, spammy and scammy. But not anymore.

There is a way of marketing which is based on empathy and driven by story. There is a way of Marketing aims at making an impact first and then making money as a by-product.

Humanized Marketing is a new way of Marketing.

Humanized Marketing Podcast

Pranav is the host of The Humanized Marketing podcast – a weekly podcast which talks about Humanized Marketing strategies and tactics.

Humanized Marketing Podcast

Just a few brands that Pranav has worked with