It was a Tuesday morning when it hit me. My anxiety was at its peak. I needed to send my daily email, but even after 2 cups of black coffee, no idea seemed to make its way to my Google doc.

Write. Stop. Stare at the screen for 2 minutes. Backspace to delete everything. Repeat.

And then, I started typing nonsense

Venting out my anger. Typing and not stopping. There were also a few curse words (don’t tell my mother). Even my 3-year-old niece would have said much more meaningful things than I did in that document.

And then, I saw something. I stumbled upon a tiny inspiration. A set of words that gave me energy. If someone were watching me, they would have seen a tiny spark in my eyes.

I followed my curiosity

Within no time, I felt getting swallowed into an idea. Faster and faster, I ran. Banging away at the keyboard with more and more energy. Finally… I had stumbled upon an idea.

It had to be cleaned, of course. Heavy editing would be needed to make this a comprehensible write-up. But I knew I had something worth sharing.

Writing isn’t just a tool for us to convey what we think. It’s also a tool that helps us make sense of the chaos inside our heads.

Writing helps us convey our ideas.

But also helps us think better.