The security guard glared at me.

I was at the metro station getting frisked by an elderly security guard.

The sweat on his forehead told me he had been there for a few hours. The scowl on his face told me that he wasn’t particularly enjoying it. The dust on his shoes told me he might not have enough money to get them polished.

He was invisible to others. It was as if the passengers were passing through him, treating him as another hurdle they needed to cross to reach their train.

When I said “Namaste,” he was jolted out from this invisibility.

For a moment, he thought this was a scam. Maybe I wanted a favor? But the next instant, his eyes lit up.

The “Namaste” was reciprocated, and there was a smile.

Marketing is similar. The audience feels they are invisible. Nobody is feeling their pain.

They seek a connection.

The job of a Marketer is to make them feel seen. That’s when their eyes light up.