If you are a Marketer at a restaurant, what do you optimize your Marketing for?

You could optimize for walk-ins.

‘The more people walk into the restaurant, the better it is.’

But a better approach?

Optimize for food that they order.

‘The more they order, the more likely they are likely to come back’.

An even better approach?

Optimize for consumption.

‘The more they finish the food, the more likely they are to come back’.

But you know the best approach?

Optimize for remarkability. Make it a Purple Cow.

‘The more remarkable the experience, the more likely they are to tell their friends about this restaurant’.

A restaurant I visited recently was offering 5% discounts to people on one condition – You had to tell them a good joke and make them laugh.

Guess who got a 5% discount? Me. Me. Me. Me.

The best part, though? My wife and I keep telling our friends about this place.