Paid ads give you quick results. But they don’t always give you the right kind of lead.

It’s understandable because, with paid ads, you spend very little time with the prospect. Someone might click on the ad and fill out the form, but they don’t really know what you are all about. So when these guys and gals come on a sales call, you realize that they would never buy from you.

And even when they do, they turn out to be terrible clients.

Not always, of course. But quite often.

Should you stop doing paid ads? Not at all.

But it’s not a bad idea to complement paid strategy with organic brand building, where you continually deepen relationships with people over a long period of time.

Day in and day out.

Drop by drop.

An organic brand allows you to spend a good amount of time with the prospect. The prospect knows exactly what you are all about and what you stand for.

When the buying need arises, they only think of you. Selling to them becomes easier.

Very little chance of it being an irrelevant lead or a terrible client.