When I decided to share my thoughts and build a personal brand, I received a lot of advice. Most of it was unhelpful for building a habit.

  • Start with understanding your audience
  • Write every day
  • Buy a Justin Welsh course, etc.

There is nothing inherently wrong with all this advice. It is useful in specific contexts. However, my problem with all of it is that it didn’t consider my individuality. They were trying to fit me into a template.

I needed something more to go on. I didn’t have to look far. I realized I have a best friend who can help me build personal brand habits.


I realized I am frustrated with many things happening in the Marketing world, and I could use my content creation to vent. This anger gave me energy, and I started enjoying the process.

Creating a personal brand wasn’t a chore but a fulfilling activity. I couldn’t wait to get up in the morning, grab coffee, and rant in my Google Doc.

With time, people started saying, “You know what! I feel the exact same way!”

I am nowhere close to where I want to be, but I’d rather use my anger than buy another course.

‘Building a writing habit’ seems too defensive. I’d rather build a process that I genuinely enjoy.