While traveling through the Metro, I noticed an old lady struggling with an escalator. As a kid, escalators excited me, but the old lady was far from amused by these magical steps. “I am going to fall” – that’s what she kept yelling to her family members. 

Her family members and the crowd around cheered her on and attempted to appeal to her rational side. “Kuch nahi hoga(It’s safe. Nothing will happen)”, they said. 

She was having none of it. 

But as she reached the top, her shouting was replaced by a toothless smile. She had clearly enjoyed the ride, and it seemed she couldn’t wait to get on the escalator again. 

Once we taste the unknown, we become comfortable with it. We start enjoying it as doubts are replaced with trust. The same fear that was repulsive has now become exciting. 

What’s the one thing that you have been procrastinating? Which fear are you not confronting? 

(I have been working on launching a workshop. My biggest fear is that no one would care, and all the effort would be worthless. Been sitting on my chair every day and wrestling with this fear. Hopefully, I reach the top of the escalator soon.)