Here’s one challenge that freelancers face in closing a client – lack of social media presence.

When the freelancers reach the prospects with their offer, the client is intrigued and wants to know more. But as they start researching, they fail to find anything concrete.

The social media is blank, and the website doesn’t exist.

The prospect wants to know more about the freelancer –

  • The freelancer’s ‘point of view’
  • The freelancer’s expertise
  • The freelancer’s credibility etc.

When they don’t find it, they move on.

Social media may not be the best channel for ‘grabbing quick attention and converting a prospect into a client.’ It’s also not a great idea to be on every platform and optimize for reach and attention.

But just a mere social presence can boost your conversions.

If you think I am suggesting that, in a way, Social Media is a Bottom of The Funnel Channel, then you are right.

Question – Did you ever get rejected because you lacked a ‘brand’?