Image credits: Alon

When we tell a joke half-heartedly, no one laughs.

Now if someone tells the same joke wholeheartedly, everyone might laugh.

There are no guarantees, okay?

But the one who radiates confidence is capable of convincing people.

But if you are unsure, you will struggle to make the impact.

Why do we do things half-heartedly then?

Why do we love half-heartedly?

Why do we write that blog half-heartedly?

Why do we propose an idea in the meeting half-heartedly?

We do it because doing things wholeheartedly is scary.

It opens us to risk.

It opens us to failure. And failure hurts so much.

So we play it safe. And we do stuff half-heartedly.

But this habit of being safe doesn’t really help us grow… and feel life intensely.

I pray that all of us get clarity and the courage to do things wholeheartedly.

We will fail. We will cry. We will get hurt.

But we will learn and grow from it.