Yesterday, someone told me that they find my status updates very ‘Cheesy’. Let’s call her person A.

The day before yesterday, someone told me that they find my writing very inspiring and insightful. Let’s call her person B.

Whom to believe now? A or B?


I have 3 strategies that I can choose from.

Strategy 1:

Go home and do nothing. This way, everyone, except me, is happy. Not doing this anytime soon. 🙂


Strategy 2:

I focus on winning over person A. This person has given me a one-star rating out 5. My focus would now be to get this rating up to at least 3 or 4.

Bad strategy.


Because you will always have someone telling you that your work isn’t good enough. Winning all of them over is a never-ending journey.


Strategy 3:

I forget about A and purely focus on delighting B. B has already given me a rating of 4.5

Can I take that rating to 5? Can I focus on the requirements of B, who is already enrolled on a journey with me?

Great strategy!


Moral: Your job is not to keep everyone happy. Your job is to find a few people and delight them.