Credits: Paco Trinidad Photo


We don’t get to choose the family that we are born in. It’s out of our control.

We can’t control the nature of our parents or our relatives.

We can’t control if we are born in a rich family or in a family which is struggling financially.

We can’t control the city and the country that we are born in.

Okay, so let’s leave that aside.

Once we get past all the things that we can’t control, we see that we can definitely one thing – Our mind.

We can work towards building a mind that is generous, compassionate, calm and composed.

Yes, our past does create hindrances for us… but with enough training and discipline, we can start cultivating a mind that is wise and balanced.

Yes, some people are born naturally calm… some are naturally anxious and so on. 

Having a wise and balanced mind can change our life completely. Not exaggerating it one bit.

The mind is our biggest asset. It’s about time we start training it.