If you are feeling stuck, one way of getting out of that feeling would be to help one person/one client.
There are 2 possibilities here –
1. You might succeed in helping them
2. You might fail in helping them.
If you succeed in helping that one person, you have a clear data point. Now you can make a note in your diary, that when you do this particular thing, it is helping this person. With time, your diary will have a lot of these insights, and you can spot a pattern.
The second possibility is that your interaction fails.
The act may not work. That’s okay. Because now you have new data.
Now you have new insights.
Instead of thinking about the same things again and again, now you have a new insight. This again is useful, because not knowing what you want to do is as important as knowing what you want to do.
The advantage of this strategy is that its low risk. All you need to do is to reach out to your network, make one phone call or an email, and jump on a call with them.