In Sahakarnagar, Pune where I stay, there is a Kaka who started his food truck a few months back.

They served good food; the Vada Pav was particularly very tasty.

I and a friend were happy with the place. However, I once said to my friend, “I don’t think this will work. The business is not remarkable.”

It turns out that I was right. A few weeks later, I saw that the food truck was abandoned.

My ego was quick to jump in and say “I told you so!”

Judgemental Pranav!

In a world where we all are trying to figure out our paths and our passions and our contributions to this world, we are bound to make mistakes and fail. Many times when we see someone failing, a part of us feels happy.

It’s actually our fear, our insecurity which is relishing this failure… because it makes us feel less scared. Jealousy feels good at times!

However, we need to be mindful of this jealousy and insecurity. This jealousy can become addictive.

To break this pattern, the affirmation that I have started using is this – “Ah, at least he tried!”

This is just a reminder to me that we are all in this together… and while it is tempting for me to judge him or want him to fail, I know that my jealousy doesn’t help him, me or the world.

I have made mistakes and will continue to do so. And so will everyone else. During this scary process, we need to support each other and not bring down the other person.

“Ah at least he tried”, gives me an opportunity to send him wishes of kindness and compassion.

“Ah at least he tried” is a muscle. The more you do it, the more you will see judging others and relishing others successes.