There are a few people who are willing to hear your new ideas. They are open to adopting new stuff. They are known as Adopters (or Early Adopters).

And then there are others who don’t like new ideas. They want things as they are. But at some point, they are forced to change. They are adapters. (Or you could call them ‘the majority’ in Marketing terms).

When I started writing content, a lot of my Facebook friends were taken aback. They were not used to seeing me put out this kind of content. Most of them judged me. Some of them trolled me in public. Some of them trolled me behind my back. They were the Adapters.

But there was a group of people, who were pleasantly surprised by what I was doing. They cheered me on. They adopted this new avatar of Pranav.

Unfortunately, though, the number of Adopters is usually much less than the number of Adapters.

I am so grateful to both the Adopters and the Adapters.

And I am so glad that I did not let the Adapters bring me down. Most of us don’t do things because we feel afraid when not everyone approves our work.

But it is impossible to please everyone. What we can do is please the adopters.

Keep doing your work. It matters.