It is natural for human beings to avoid pain and pursue pleasure.

Hence, we would not raise our hand, ask questions, or give suggestions when our boss is conducting a meeting. Because, if we do, there is a possibility of embarrassment.

However, if we do not raise our hand-

  1. We do not grow as a professional
  2. We do not contribute towards the organization

And most importantly, our ‘fear’ has now got 0.25 % stronger.

But ‘fear’ and ‘courage’ are like muscles.

Fear brings more fear.

Courage begets more courage.

So if you never raise your hand in a meeting, a simple exercise would be to just raise your hand at least once in a week. And then increase it to two. And then ten.

At one point, you will start feeling that raising the hand is addictive! There is fun in dancing with this fear. There is a thrill that you experience when you contribute.

Raising hands will get you respect, confidence and success. Keeping quiet, won’t.

So let’s develop the courage muscle, shall we?