Organic reach is going down, competition is increasing… blah blah blah. You have all heard this.

How does a brand ensure that they get noticed? How can they stand out?

They can stand out… not by shouting, but by being generous.

A grocery store owner can be generous by being nice to his customers and telling them a joke every day. A receptionist can be generous by greeting everyone with a smile and by asking the visitor about their day. A cafeteria owner can be generous to a dissatisfied customer by giving them coffee… and so on.

Generosity doesn’t always mean free; generosity means bring your humanity into the game.

Now how does Generosity translate into Marketing?

The Marketer, thus, has a lot of opportunities to be generous. One of the ways in which the Marketer can be generous is through the content that it produces.

Do I really need to explain this? With the keyboard and the internet, the brand can create content in so many ways! If you have someone with a sexy voice, go with a podcast. If you have someone who has a video personality, go with a YouTube channel. Writing skills…. Blogs… and so on!

The beauty of the content is that it can always align with the business’s “Why”.

Creating content is generous. It adds value to people’s lives. As you add value, people begin to trust you. As they trust you, they connect with you.

As they connect with you, your idea spreads. Your marketing, thus, has worked.