All the organizations want accountable employees. However, it is no secret that, this is easier said than done.

Creating accountability amongst employees can be difficult. One pep talk won’t suffice. We need to train them at a deeper level.

One way of doing that would be creating Entrepreneurs amongst the employees!

Let me elaborate.

Employees are encouraged to take on their own projects, without any manual or a blueprint. This is obviously very scary. If the employees are encouraged to present their projects, the stakes are raised. Now the employee is under a healthy pressure of making this work.

The project doesn’t need to a business. It is not always about a profitable idea. It is about training the employees to create something for which they are 100 % accountable. It is to make them think like an entrepreneur… or a solopreneur.


Advantages of this strategy –

  1. Learning to fail

This strategy allows them to learn how to embrace failure, learn the lesson and produce better work.

  1. Taking feedback

It teaches them how to take feedback and make the project better.

  1. Skills learning

It goes without saying that these projects enable employees to learn new skills.

  1. Breaking the monotony

We are so used to our day to day script, that it becomes monotonous, boring… which is dangerous for our creativity. Having these projects really opens up new possibilities.

  1. Super Accountability

When they start thinking like entrepreneurs, they now become super accountable. They do not look at work, as ‘my work’ or ‘your work’… it now becomes our work. They start treating the business as their business.

All in all, this makes the employees really wise and motivated.

The question then is – How can we create such a ‘Project system’ for all the employees?